NBC nixes Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Mad Men’ parody


A TV clip starring Jimmy Fallon has finally attracted criticism for reasons other than his talentlessness. Saturday Night Live's most infamous corpser spoofed Don Draper in the Mad Men-themed promo below, touting NBC's Aug. 29 Emmys telecast, but networks not named AMC were outraged at what they saw as free advertising for the best-drama nominee. "They're running basically ads for Mad Men in the middle of the voting process," one unnamed network rep tells THR's The Live Feed. "That's like having a presidential campaign and running an ad for one candidate." NBC (which, by the way, doesn't have a nominee in the best-drama category) has since pulled the clip off the air. To paraphrase my hero and role model Zapp Brannigan, I've never heard of such a foul injustice that I cared so little about. Oh wait, what's that you say about an offensive America's Top Model promo?