MTV prepares to put ‘TRL’ out of its misery


After 10 long years, MTV is finally taking TRL off the air this November. MTV claims it wants the show to go out while it’s on top. (That’s a blatant lie, since the show has been losing viewers for a while. Hands up if you didn’t know Total Request Live was still airing?) Supposedly, the remaining audience will all head over to Pete Wentz’s MTV show, FNMTV (Friday Night MTV, or F’nMTV if you like—check out the promo), which boasted good ratings during its limited summer run. You know Wentz—he wrote a couple books, wears too much eyeliner, married the lesser Simpson. Oh yeah, and in his spare time he’s the bassist/lyricist for the band Fall Out Boy. Though the headlines claim that TRL is RIP, don’t believe it. MTV just needs some space right now, and they’re taking a break. I’m sure that in a decade or so, when they find a new Carson Daily to host, TRL will be back, and it’ll be like it never left—except for the new threesome segment, of course. Until then, let’s take a look back at the TRL legacy.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers