Movie’s hoax campaign fools German media

With the 10th anniversary of The Blair Witch Project, it's only natural that another set of filmmakers should honor the occasion by orchestrating an elaborate Internet hoax to piss off their potential viewers. The makers of Short Cut to Hollywood, a satirical movie due out in German theatres later this month, fooled Germany's wire service into reporting on a fake suicide bombing in California allegedly perpetrated by German rappers called (get this) the Berlin Boys. They set up a Web site for a fake California city called Bluewater, and a site and Wikipedia entry for a fake TV station, k-VPK 7 News. A hysterical "reporter" from the fake TV station calling himself Rainer Petersen contacted German newsrooms and reported the fake suicide attack. Then, Germany's DPA news service put the story on its newswire. Within 30 minutes, they realized their mistake and took it down, but it was already too late. Later, a press release announced the trick, leaving the German media upset and talking about the massive cojones possessed by Jan Henrik Stahlberg, the writer throught to be behind it all. Of course, just like Blair Witch, I'm sure the movie won't be nearly as entertaining as their little stunt. Via Wired.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers