Movie posters that are just a little bit darker


When I hear a phrase like "movie posters reinterpreted in a kinda minimalistic postmodern German-ism style," my usual response is to slap the indie-rock beard right off whoever said it. But these Olly Moss-designed posters are cool enough to keep my anger-management issues in check. The one for American History X is such an intuitive and relevant image that I'm surprised no one thought of it for the theatrical release. And the Die Hard poster is a classy, not-too-obvious take on one of the movie's grittier scenes. The one for Indiana Jones falls flat because the two faces don't line up for what's supposed to be a symmetrical image, but even that was a good effort. So, Olly Moss, and his beard, if he has one, are safe for now.

—Posted by David Kiefaber