More on those ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ ads

Napoleon_1_1For those of you who loved the Napoleon Dynamite ads for the Utah State Fair, here’s a lengthy article about them from Utah’s Deseret News. The paper tracked down Bryan Lefler, who directed the spots and was the storyboard artist and script supervisor for the film. Using Napoleon to promote the fair was “the greatest move they ever could have done. Nothing says Utah and Idaho like Napoleon Dynamite,” Lefler says, adding that he had two basic goals for the campaign. “One was not to screw it up,” he says, “because there’s a certain amount of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ that goes around, especially in Utah and Idaho. People feel a kinship to it. And No. 2, make it as funny as possible and keep it consistent as possible.” The article also includes the scripts for all five radio spots.

—Posted by Tim Nudd