More Sarah Marshalls upset over film’s ads

Sarah The makers of Forgetting Sarah Marshall continue to generate buzz thanks to the backlash among real Sarah Marshalls. The ad campaign for the film—mainly billboards featuring scrawled messages like, “I’m so over you Sarah Marshall” and “You DO look fat in those jeans, Sarah Marshall”—first rankled Sarah Marshalls in New York, and now appears to be irritating those in Chicago, too. Some object stridently to the ads. Others more or less take it in stride, joking about their sudden notoriety. All of them, it seems, have access to major media outlets to broadcast their feelings, and promote the movie, far and wide. Frankly, I think they doth protest too much. Did I complain about that “Dave Gianatasio sucks” campaign which ran exclusively in my workplace and at home?

—Posted by David Gianatasio