More reasons to hang out late at Denny’s

In a sign that the apocalypse is near (and enjoying a plate of Moons Over My Hammy), the hot new club in town is, apparently, Denny’s. Hoping to appeal to the youth demo, the chain is launching a “Denny’s AllNighter” multimedia promotion that includes, per Brandweek, a “dimly lit club ambiance” and alt-rock music from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. (Can diners stay open that late? Aren’t there zoning laws?) The waitstaff, probably all MTV wannabes, will swap their crisp Denny’s slacks for T-shirts and jeans. Of course, there are blogs and social-networking components and an “Adopt a Band” contest that lets diners choose which groups get promotional support and free Denny’s food out on tour. The latter would probably compel most bands to make it big as quickly as possible so they can trade in the Denny’s fare for buffets at the Four Seasons. The tagline is a real oddity: “Nothing good happens after midnight—except Denny’s.” Actually, I’m too old and unhip to know.

—Posted by David Gianatasio