More playthings take aim at Chef Boyardee

Chef boyardee soldier

Here's the second spot in Chef Boyardee's new campaign from Venables, Bell &
Partners. There's no talking blanket this time around, but the approach is
the same: a discarded, anthropomorphized childhood object berates a pre-teen
for leaving it behind while still quaffing the canned ravioli like there's
no tomorrow. Here, a G.I. Joe wannabe complains in drill-sergeant,
machine-gun spurts to a dorky kid with big ears. "I was in the bush — LITERALLY! You outgrew me and left me under a bush five years ago. And there
ain't no ravioli out there, son — JUST DIRT!" Whoa, sounds like someone
needs his blankie. It's amusing, but only two ads in, and I'm already bored with the concept. The agency says a talking night light comes next (no real surprise there), but my attention's already switched off. That will be all, Chef Boyardee. DIS-MISSED!