Mob rules in latest ‘Truth’ anti-smoking ads

Does the American Legacy Foundation still exist? Does it still do those "Truth" anti-smoking ads? Does anybody care anymore? Unfortunately, it appears the answer to all three questions is yes, since I'm writing about the group's latest effort, which is called "The Infectors." The work features five video vignettes exclusive to MTV. In the spots, a menacing mob of 100 red-shirted jerks obnoxiously interrupts everyday activities to warn people about the dangers of smoking. Maybe the mob should eat fewer gummy bears (a motif of the first spot) and just chill. This is the age of conversational media engagement. No one likes being interrupted, let alone "invaded," no matter how noble the cause. Interruption is so 2004. If I were set upon by that mob during my daily run for scratch tickets, I'd need to take up smoking on the spot just to recover from the shock!

—Posted by David Gianatasio