Mike’s Hard Lemonade Turns Golf Into a Hallucinatory Experience

Wacky series of ads from Grey

Make fun of Mike's Hard Lemonade all you want (I'll get you started—Mike's is wussy crap for babies), but its ads are usually pretty good. These new ones from Grey in New York are no exception. Two guys looking to change things up on the golf course end up pulling a couple of escaped convicts, a pirate's glass eyeball, and lottery numbers out of the hole on the green. Yes, I suppose it is the fairly typical here's-our-brand-oh-look-a-wacky-thing style of advertising comedy, but something about the delivery here makes it work. Those two guys should really find another course, though. Two more spots after the jump—and if you like them, you're in luck. There are 11 more on the way in the coming weeks.