Mike O’Malley and his second-tier ad jobs

Having never seen Yes, Dear, I still have a largely positive opinion of Mike O’Malley, based mostly on his role as “The Rick” in the old ESPN ads—some of which were directed by Christopher Guest. By comparison, his “Satellite TV hates puppies” work for Time Warner Cable (above), certainly not directed by Christopher Guest, is a bit of a drag. Still, O’Malley, who was once the next big thing in sitcoms (until his eponymous NBC show got canned after two episodes in ’99), tends to have a sense of humor about his missteps—as he made clear in his humorous commencement speech to his alma mater, University of New Hampshire, in 2006. Unfortunately, there are hardly any “The Rick” spots online—all we could dig up were the outtakes below.

—€”Posted by Tim Nudd