Michael Lebowitz on One Show Interactive


Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, is jury chairman for The One Show Interactive. He is filing daily reports from the jury room this week for AdFreak.

Day One: Tuesday, March 17
  This morning I talked about how we're entering what I think of as the third age of the commercial Web. In the early days, we had to figure out how to do everything, so it was focused on technical wizardry and pushing technology as far as we could. Then, the digital folks had to prove that their production values could be as high (and higher) than traditional TV spots, which seemed to culminate (and set a high bar) last year. This year, my hope is that we'll see more focus on the insights that drive great digital ideas. Ideas that play to the strengths of the medium, and evolve it.
  So far, the work at this stage is quite thoughtful. And the consensus among the One Show Interactive jury seems to be that quality is high.
  If there's a theme emerging for me, it's the significant challenge of creating work that manages the delicate equilibrium between leaving room for people to connect without getting beaten over the head with "advertising"—and becoming so esoteric that there's no significant brand connection.
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