Michael Lebowitz on One Show Interactive


Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, is jury chairman for The
One Show Interactive. He is filing daily reports from the jury room
this week for AdFreak.

Day Two: Wednesday, March 18
  Today was a bit tougher. Bandwidth got tight and people got restless waiting for downloads, but more strong work emerged. As we're all a little more worn out, I'm going to keep this post short in hopes that tomorrow, as we delve into the discussion portion of the process, there will be much to say.
  Some of today's entries that really stood out to me were:
  • The Bruce Lee ping pong viral video for Nokia. Seen it before. Love it more every time.
  • A wildly clever and subversive campaign out of New Zealand called The Stealth Banner that involved sneaky media buying and a time-bomb banner. The industry should take notes on risk taking. Brilliant.
  • Two equally good campaigns using WiFi hotspot names as contextual advertising messages.
  • Another great use of space played with ASCII cars driving through the URL in the address bar of the browser.
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