Michael Lebowitz on One Show Interactive


Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, is jury chairman
for The One Show Interactive. He is filing daily reports from the jury
room this week for AdFreak.

Day Three: Thursday, March 19
Hey, it's Ash here from BannerBlog, filling in for
Michael, who had a family emergency, and blog posts don't fall high on
the list of things to do when they happen.

  Well, Thursday was day three and the first time we as a jury had all
judges as one unit and, as opposed to Cannes, all judging is done
anonymously. We all have handheld devices (very hi-tech), and we all vote with little visible
influence from anyone else. It's still a rating from 1-9.

  With 160 pieces to get through, we had a quick pace to maintain, and
I believe we got through 85 today. So, on schedule. Pieces which
everyone had seen previously or were simple to grasp were much easier
than the more complicated and larger projects. There were some that
caused much debate, like Diesel's campaign. Some argued "this is the
purpose of the campaign," and rightly so. Probably the biggest confusion and discussion was around categories. Also: "Is this a
banner?" "Why is this in community?" "What is a campaign?" were all
echoed. Although in a room full of interactive CDs, a question like
"What is a campaign, a series of microsites?" surprized me. See Iain's
tweet on this

  Campaign overview videos again are a must, and unless
your campaign, site, game, app, widget or whatever is obvious, you need
a campaign overview video. That doesn't mean a 10-minute epic; it just
means, "Tell me WTF this is about so I can explore more and not
miss anything."
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