Michael Lebowitz on One Show Interactive


Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, is jury chairman
for The One Show Interactive. During the four days of judging, he filed daily reports from the jury
room for AdFreak.

Day Four: Friday, March 20

  The final day was by far the most inspiring. Many discussions of
where we are and where we hope we're going as an industry. Jurors felt
strongly about individual entries and advocated for them with
conviction. Everyone believed in what we're doing, collectively, to
advance this industry. But no one lost their individual perspective,
professional or cultural. I was proud to be part of this group.

  The major theme that emerged from these four days is that the work
increasingly defies categorization. It's marketing, it's innovation,
it's product, it's social—all at once. Ideas, insights, strategy, craft
are inseparable. It's an exciting time.

  • I got as many jurors as I could to give me their final thought on the
last four days. They sum it up it better than I ever could:

  • Ashley Ringrose: "A lot of work that makes you jealous. Which is good."

  • Dominique Trudeau: "In a world of automotive greenwashing, Fiat eco:Drive is authentic and useful."

  • Tim Barber: "The app steps up, and the microsite steps aside."

  • Flo Heiss: "The quality of digital is picking up again. A great shift
from advertising to marketing to product development. And there were a
lot of hairy entries."

  • Joakim Borgstrom: "I want to live in a banner."
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