Michael Flutie on the Kate Moss saga

Moss_stern1_1Proposition: The irony of the Kate Moss death spiral is that her clients are yanking her off the stage for the crime of making fashion advertising interesting again. Discuss! Today, AdFreak rode up 65 floors to the top of Rockefeller Center with Michael Flutie, the model wrangler who got Laura Prepon to do this before she did this. When we arrived at the Advertising Week Stars of Madison Avenue Luncheon at the Rainbow Room, we put this notion to him. Rather boringly, he was of the opinion that the decline of substance abuse in the fashion/ advertising/ entertainment world was, in fact, a good thing. Perhaps this was a result of having ex-heroin addict Jamie King as a client. Moreover, he said, in any other profession, a drug addict would be fired or ordered into rehab within seconds. (Conversely, in the glamour professions, that only happens when you end up on the front page of the Daily Mirror.) So, no three-martini lunch then? Guess not.

—Posted by Jim Edwards