Mexico introduces the world’s first gay beer


A small Mexican brewery called Minerva has brewed several new beers targeted specifically at gay drinkers. Purple Hand Beer and Salamandra, supposedly the world's first "queer beers," are already available in some bars and restaurants in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, according to reports. The "artisan honey-ales" are made with organic honey and malt, giving them an orange flavor, which the brewer believes appeals to gay communities. Also, in a nice touch, the labels (which reference gay themes) are designed to be unglued and worn as a symbol of gay pride. It's an interesting idea, and some people will surely try the stuff just on principle. But can you really expect someone to like the flavor of something based on whether they're straight or gay? One thing's for sure: They won't be packaging this stuff inside dead rodents like the Scottish do. Via PSFK.