Mercedes sucks you back from a simple life


This Mercedes-Benz spot from German agency Jung von Matt presents a corporate dweeb who chucks it all to live “the simple life” as a shaggy mountain man. He looks like a Geico caveman or one of the Doobie Brothers. But the sight of a shiny new Mercedes CLS cruising down the road inspires him to shave off his beard, take the Armani suit out of mothballs (lots of moths up in those hills, one presumes) and return to civilization. Some of the YouTube commenters object to the overt pro-consumerism of the message, decrying it for being “depressing as hell” and supporting “money-slavery.” Right on, comrades—when you find your workers’ paradise in the clouds, let me know! Maybe the guy in the spot just got sick of hanging around the shack with Fido as his lone companion. The pooch’s sly wink at him across the road does make me wonder just how close they’ve become.