Mentos Ice gives men’s nipples a purpose

Nipples Yeah, that’s a guy catching a frisbee with his nipples, which are several inches long—a side effect, apparently, of Mentos Ice gum, which keeps you (and your nipples) “cool and icy fresh,” according to the brand’s advertising. That’s not all. The commercial suggests other benefits to having freakishly long nipples. You become more adroit with a turntable. You press elevator buttons more easily. You have a peg on which to hang your sunglasses when you go shirtless. And despite what common sense would tell you, the ladies actually dig dudes with long nipples. Not sure how we missed this spot when it broke in Australia last fall. It ended up being the country’s most complained-about ad of 2006, but despite the uproar, was never pulled off the air. See an outdoor execution from the same campaign here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd