Men’s body parts need Carlton Draught beer


"Your weenis, your weenis, it's wrinkly and it's pink. Your weenis, your weenis, it's not what you might think!" That's just one lyrical sampling from Clemenger BBDO's musical "Any Excuse" campaign for Carlton Draught, a sub-brand of Aussie brewer Fosters. In these seven superbly silly clips, a goofy post-modern folk trio sing the beer's praises, and describe how different body parts crave Carlton or generally "inspire" beer drinking. Another example: "There's a wart on his face … it says drink some Carlton Draught … noooow." Basically, there's no part of a man that doesn't want a drink. Cannes winner? Oh, it can't miss. Get your office to sing along with you: "Your weenis, your weenis, it's wrinkly and it's pink." Well, maybe wait until you get home to blast that one. UPDATE: The brewer got cold feet and pulled the ads from the Web site, after earlier scrapping plans for them to air on TV. Are they really that shocking?

—Posted by David Gianatasio