Memo to athletes: Blogs may be bad for your image

Cgm_matt1_1One category of loser in the consumer-generated media revolution: indiscreet athletes. Gone are the days when a sports star on the road could sow his wild oats in peace and quiet. From Boston Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s famous outing to a Northeastern dorm room to Chicago Bears quarterback Kyle Orton’s drunken spittle on his shirt during a bye week, athletes are finding fans armed with digital cameras, Webshots accounts and blogs. Even University of Miami football players found a two-year-old rap song made in a dorm can lead to trouble in the hands of bloggers. USC QB Matt Leinart is the latest celeb athlete to feel the power of CGM. Gawker’s, which has helped spread many shots of sports stars behaving badly, today posted photos of Leinart (one is pictured here) celebrating following the Heisman ceremony on Saturday with a new lady friend and seemingly a few drinks in him. Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s part of the paparazzi.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey