Mello Yello quite happy to be a ’70s burnout


Dusting off an old—pardon me, retro—logo is a popular answer to sagging brand recognition, but can it work if the brand has all but fallen off the face of the Earth? Coke is going to find out, because it's revamping Mello Yello's image with the citrus drink's original 1979 logo. Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew's dominance of the syrupy, over-caffeinated nerd-fuel market probably has a lot to do with Coke's suddenly renewed interest in Mello Yello. Pepsi, which has done its own fetishizing of the '70s via Pepsi Throwback, has tinkered with the look of Mountain Dew over the years, including a set of graffiti-themed designer cans and a separate nod to its adorable hillbilly beginnings. A similar strategy (along with national distribution) could boost Mello Yello. This story about the logo, at the very least, may remind people that it exists at all. It's been years since I've seen anyone drinking the stuff.

—Posted by David Kiefaber