McCann tries to make baseball look exciting

It’s no secret that baseball’s a slow-moving sport. I’m a fan, and even I can’t sit through an entire game. They tend to run three-hours-plus and contain about 15 seconds of excitement. So, it’s appropriate that McCann Erickson crams about 15 seconds of action footage into each of its new spots promoting Major League Baseball’s postseason. They toss in oddities like insects attacking players and black cats running around the field—that stuff’s actually more lively than the game action itself! There’s also a guy blogging, I guess, but even he seems more interested in the bugs on some pitcher’s neck than the score. I’m skipping the postseason this year. And for those who’d accuse me of sour grapes as the playoff hopes of my beloved Yankees dim with each double play Derek Jeter bounces into, I offer the standard, time-tested reply: Wait until next year!

—Posted by David Gianatasio