MBNA thanks New York for chopper rescue

DailynewscoverYes, these kinds of ads have become routine after almost any rescue. And yes, you could see them as somewhat exploitative. But we have no doubt that MBNA’s full-page ad in today’s New York Daily News (and possibly elsewhere—we haven’t checked) is heartfelt in its thanks to the city of New York for fishing six MBNA executives out of the East River following last Friday’s helicopter crash. The ad, written as a letter to Mayor Bloomberg, thanks the NYPD, FDNY, EMTs, Bellevue Hospital doctors and nurses, the National Guard, the staff at the 34th St. Helipad, ambulance crews, the tour boat Half Moon and “numerous good samaritans.” “Once again we saw New York City at its finest,” it reads in part. “We love New York.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd