Maybe the World Cup mascots are cool

Mascots_1We must admit that we poked fun at the World Cup mascots, Goleo VI the lion and Pille the talking soccer ball, when we first saw them. But now we see them hanging out with Heidi Klum, and we are somewhat impressed. (As Pille’s “first loves are football, flying and women,” he must be in seventh heaven at the moment.) Mrs. Seal, the German supermodel, is lending her considerable talents to the World Cup finals official draw, which takes place today (2:30 p.m. EST) in Leipzig, Germany, to determine how the 32 teams will be divided for group play at next summer’s tournament. Some 350 million people worldwide are expected to watch the draw on television. The U.S. just missed getting one of the eight seeds for the tournament, and hopefully they won’t land in a so-called Group of Death.

—Posted by Tim Nudd