Maybe Kate has a master plan

MossIt’s been more than a week since Kate Moss’ apparent nose-powdering led to the abrupt end of her contract with suburban-edgy European clothing chain H&M. Until now, AdFreak has been mystified as to how the media-savvy 31-year-old model could have allowed herself to be caught on film. Then it hit us: In true “no press is bad press” fashion, Miss Kate’s indiscretion may be one of the most brilliant marketing moves of her career. According to Thursday’s Brit press, Kate has checked into an Arizona rehab clinic for a 30-day “medical treatment and therapy” program—a healthy, positive first step for a woman used to running 18-hour days on little more than nicotine, caffeine and even stronger stuff than that. Sure, it’s sad that she’ll be separated from her 3-year-old daughter for a few weeks. But she’ll also be away from her no-goodnick boyfriend, pasty-faced Libertines musician Pete Doherty, whose whiny behavior and well-documented heroin habit are both harmful and passé. Even better than the promise of regaining her health? The possibility of reconnecting with mortified brands. Kate has managed to dominate the media like she hasn’t since breaking up with Johnnie Depp a decade ago, and that’s made H&M the biggest winner of all. How many Americans had even heard of the chain prior to last week? Note to H&M marketing execs: We hear Courtney Love is available.

—Posted by Randi Schmelzer