Mascots gone wild on NBC

Mascots_2The Today show hosted a “Mascot Challenge” this morning (we’re just getting around to being outraged now) that seemed to mainly serve the purpose of mentioning Capital One a lot. Because it was the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Sam The Minuteman from the University of Massachusetts faced off against Herbie Husker of the University of Nebraska. They both looked the same to me, except one was way more muscular, if a guy in a big plus-size mascot costume can look muscular. You can vote for the winner here. (Maybe the victor should have to “mud”-wrestle Mr. Floatie.) I’m still trying to figure out why on earth Today, a purported news show, or at least news and entertainment show, devoted several minutes to this totally meaningless event. But maybe some people care about team mascots more than I do.

—Posted by Mae Anderson