Marvel tries actually advertising its comics

When a comic book becomes a movie these days, the film tends to get a marketing blitz so epic, it would make Apple plead for sensible restraint. But comic books themselves have remained on the promotional fringe. So, it was easy for Marvel to get some attention when it aired not just a TV spot but an 83-second TV spot to promote its Secret Invasion miniseries. The video, shown above, aired on ESPN2 during last week’s Minor League Baseball Bricktown Showdown—a timeslot that left some people confused about the marketing strategy. This mainstream push is the culmination of an "Embrace Change" viral campaign that’s been rolling out for months now. There were the usual fake MySpace videos and fake zealots on Twitter, which is all fine and good, except one has to wonder if Marvel is wasting an opportunity. If you’re going to try and lure in non-readers, it seems you’d want a palatable story line like "Spider-Man dies!!!" rather than a convoluted tale of social engineering by an obscure alien race. Or maybe I should just cut them some slack, embrace change and go try to tag me one of those ripple-chinned MILFs.

—Posted by David Griner