Man Tries to Live on TV-Advertised Food Alone

Tom Lamont emerges battered but still breathing

Alarmed by the limited variety of food advertised on TV, British journalist Tom Lamont spent four weeks trying to make a balanced diet out of it. The experiment was supervised by Observer Food Monthly, which stipulated that Lamont could only eat foods featured in TV commercials for a four-week period—grocery store items or restaurant food. While he didn't get any fatter, the fruits and vegetables in his normal diet took a distant backseat to McDonald's and Pizza Hut, Doritos and M&Ms. Not even going to Subway could dampen the effects on his brain, which by the end "felt like it was permanently wrapped in a layer of insulation foam." A doctor attributed that feeling to the sluggishness caused by processed foods, specifically the gluteomorphin and casomorphin found in starchy, cheesy stuff like pizza. It's an interesting study, but I wish they'd controlled for non-food threats to Lamont's health, such as British television. EastEnders alone probably shaved a few years off his life. Photo above by Pål Hansen.