MacGruber movie is sure to be a work of art


He couldn't survive 30 seconds in an oil refinery, or 30 days on Twitter after the Super Bowl, but Saturday Night Live character and Pepsi pitchman MacGruber (played by Will Forte) is getting his own feature film. Yep, that's right. They've begun production on a full-length MacGruber movie packed with mullets, meta '80s references and … what else could they possibly put in there? Lots of obscenity, if you ask SNL star Bill Hader, who read the script and called it a "hard-R comedy." As SlashFilm notes, that would make MacGruber one of the only R-rated SNL movies since The Blues Brothers. (The Ladies Man was also R.) Why go the raunchy route? Maybe they figure kids will be tempted to sneak into an "adult" comedy, thereby creating the only audience on earth who would willingly go see a MacGruber movie.

—Posted by David Griner