A look back at advertising’s stupidest dads

Apparently things finally quieted down long enough in Elkhart, Indiana, for MSNBC to turn its investigative gaze on another embattled community: America’s dads. “If there’s a dad in a commercial, he’s almost always a doofus with a smarter wife who smiles benevolently at him when he does something dumb,” reports Gael Fashingbauer Cooper in a column headlined “In ads, dads are always dumb jocks.” MSNBC specifically calls out that new Verizon spot with the sprinkles, though the new Dairy Queen ad above is probably more indicative. We’re not doubting the column’s finding. In fact, we’re celebrating it. After the jump, we look at some classic examples of bad-dad ads.

—Posted by David Griner

A global champion for Dumbest Dad:

One of TV’s most famous dumb dads. Verizon reportedly agreed to pull the commercial under pressure from a men’s advocacy group called His Side:

We actually love this ad, which takes a nice twist on the usual idiocy:

John buckles under the weighty logic of “Suzanne researched this:”

And some dads just don’t know how to keep a lid on their stash. Or ‘stache:

Got any personal favorites you want to share?

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