Long Island celebrates first McWedding

Mcdonalds_logo_1What beats Valentine’s Day at White Castle? A wedding reception at McDonald’s. Corey Cutcheon and Doreen Brown of Farmingville, N.Y., on Long Island, had no money for a proper reception. “Corey said to me, ‘Why don’t we try McDonald’s?’” says the bride, according to Newsday. The newspaper runs the numbers for us: 50 guests; 14 cheeseburger value meals; 13 Filet-o-Fish sandwiches; 17 Chicken McNugget meals; four hot-fudge sundaes; 44 medium sodas; some complimentary chocolate Ronald McDonald cake; and a total bill of $250.59. Among non-invitees, reaction was mixed. The McDonald’s franchisee says, “It’s pretty exciting. Maybe it’s the beginning of a trend.” An innocent bystander took a different view: “I’m very shocked. McDonald’s is for children, and now the adults have become children.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd