Live-action ‘Halo’ trailer delivers ass-kicking

Last year, when Blizzard came out with its Lich King expansion, I pointed out that video games now need two trailers—one to capture the essence of the experience, and one to show the actual gameplay. Bungie Software and Microsoft have been releasing gameplay trailers for the Halo 3: Orbital Drop Ship Troopers prequel at the conventions (here's E3's) throughout the year, but now that ODST is dropping on Sept. 22, they've released the cinematic live-action trailer above, which truly brings the fiction of ODST into reality. The trailer, courtesy of T.A.G. in San Francisco, comes complete with a timeless musical selection, multinational story line (it gets a little tiresome when only Americans kick ass) and impressive attention to detail, like authentic Halo assault rifles in the 21-gun salute (yes, I noticed). Once you've watched it through, you'll feel like you just mainlined gamer crack, and you'll understand why fans have already started calling for a Halo movie (there'll supposedly be one in 2012).

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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