A little piece of salvation. $99 and up.

IbelieveTo its followers, Apple is already a religion. But a pastor in Houston is taking it a step further, telling his Baptist congregation that the iPod can actually reveal a religious lesson: that life can be simple. “When I go to iTunes, I select all that I want. When I go to Jesus Christ, he gives me all that I need. It’s that simple,” Metropolitan Baptist Church pastor Sal Sberna said in one of four recent sermons on “iPod theology.” “Why have you not bought one of these things? These are so cool. They cost a little bit of money, but they are worth the money. Let me tell you something about salvation: It’s free, but it’s not cheap.” At least some in the congregation are converts. “The first sermon on the iPod, I really didn’t know what an iPod was,” said one 69-year-old churchgoer. “Now I know. I think it’s good.” Link via The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

—Posted by Tim Nudd