A little light reading with your candy and coffee

DuseThe canvas NBA.com goodie bag handed out after Monday night’s Advertising Week cocktail reception at the United Nations seemed particularly heavy, and no, the Donny_2peanut M&M’s were not to blame. Nor were the copy of Martha Stewart Living, the computer mouse, the bag of Juan Valdez coffee beans or the Official Guide to Advertising Week 2005. The heavy goods came in the form of new books by Donny Deutsch (Often Wrong, Never in Doubt) and Phil Dusenberry (Then We Set His Hair on Fire). In Halloween terms, the hardcover tomes may have seemed a bit apple-like compared with the Mars candies. Still, the short chapters in Deutsch’s book made us feel like Evelyn Wood, as we plowed through a big chunk during an hour-long train ride home to the ‘burbs.

—Posted by Andrew McMains