Levi’s ‘asscam’ sees all you perverts leering


Continuing its rigorous research into women's butts, Levi's (and ad agency Colenso BBDO) hooked up an "asscam" to one Australian lady's backside, and filmed the results. The exposé revealed about what you'd expect—lots of guys are caught checking out her butt when they think no one's looking. Humorously, lots of women also give the butt a once-over, though generally with less approving looks on their faces. The video has been watched more than 7 million times since hitting YouTube on Valentine's Day, though the takeaway is a bit unclear. Is the ogling meant to be seen as a good thing—i.e., Levi's jeans make your butt look good? Or is this another sad commentary on the objectification of women? See a making-of video after the jump.