Let the pros handle the recycled clothing

Ouch! That smarts! What the hell? Why is this hurting so much? Ow! There goes my navel. I don’t get it. Says right here in Brandweek that I should forget about polyester and rayon. Thanks to Coca-Cola’s promotions department, there’s a new hot fabric for T-shirts. Let me just have another look at that story. … Recycled plastic?! Oh man, I should have read this more carefully. Coke has designed a clothing line from recycled plastic bottles. Guess I shouldn’t have tried have to make my own, using aluminum cans cut into long strips and old-timey glass Coke bottles ground up really fine. Ouch! Actually, my Coke-can shirt isn’t half as bad as these boxers I made out of Schick disposables!

—Posted by David Gianatasio