Leinenkugel’s Beer Tricks Out Homes in Brooklyn and Austin, and Rents Them on Airbnb

A taste of Wisconsin

As if the hipster havens of Brooklyn and Austin weren't already funky—and beery—enough, Leinenkugel's has transformed vacation properties in each location into Northwoods, Wis.-style "Leinie Lodges," and made the units available for rent on Airbnb.

The promotion is designed to help the Chippewa Falls, Wis.-based brand (owned by SABMiller) gain extra visibility in those markets, where it has been testing its brews of late.

"We wanted to create a space where people can relax and enjoy beer," founder Dick Leinenkugel told Austin Fusion. The two-bedroom Brooklyn property (above) can accommodate six guests, includes a roomy roof deck and rents for $449 a night. Down in East Austin (below), you'll pay $375 for three bedrooms with space for eight.

The rentals are available through the end of August.

Airbnb has become renowned for offbeat promotions, both for itself and in tandem with other brands. Stunts range from hosting a sleepover in an Australian Ikea store to tricking out an Alpine ski lift as a mountaintop crash pad.

The "Leinie Lodges" provide more down-to-earth accommodations. Renters get thoroughly modern, upscale digs—with lots of Leinenkugel's-branded extras. These include bean-bag toss games, bar signage, canoe paddles, Adirondack chairs and plenty of crimson throw-pillows embroidered with the brewer's name. At each location, the fridges come packed with Leinenkugel's brews such as Summer Shandy, Grapefruit Shandy and Canoe Paddler.

So, you'll basically be living inside a huge ad, stocked with toys and free beer. You'll be living the American Dream. Cheers!