Legacy’s mock interviews getting a little old

American Legacy's mock job interviews helped revive its "Truth" campaign. But after viewing these latest iterations, I think the approach has run its course. The drill's become too familiar, with the smarmy interviewer's Big Tobacco pitch predictably rebuffed by horrified job seekers. In "Customers," above, he whisks plastic figures into a wastebasket to illustrate that "one-half of the lifelong users of your product will die from it." I hoped the guy would set the toys on fire, but no such luck. Plus, the job candidates are such goody-goodys. Even recent guest "star" gold-digger Megan, until recently from VH1, took the moral high road, an unnatural performance to say the least. Surely one interviewee, even jokingly, said something like: "No problem! I'll kill 'em all!" Next time, let the interviewer riff off that: "You're perfect for Big Tobacco. Welcome aboard!" How about doing an ad with a throat-hole guy? Nobody's ever done that before, right?
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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