Leatherman gives lobsters the upper hand

I’ve always been intimidated by lobsters. Where we have soft, flimsy hands, they have armored, serrated claws. And although our size and intellect have given us the advantage for centuries, we may soon have to welcome our new overlord, the Bionic Lobster. In place of one claw, the Bionic Lobster has a Leatherman Wave multi-tool. The campaign, which includes a TV spot and a downloadable graphic novel, was created by Philadelphia agency Stick and Move and Portland interactive shop Pop Art. It’s cute and joyously cheesy, but mark my words—the fun and games will end when we’re dropped into a 20-foot stock pot and the only sound heard above the gurgling water and screams will be the scraping of a Leatherman claw as it closes the lid.

—Posted by David Griner