Lay’s chips and dip falling in love offscreen

The new "Made for each other" campaign for Lay's by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners suggests that Lay's chips and dip were destined to be together. Yet the five beautifully animated spots (see them all here), each done in its own lovely style, don't show either product. Instead, they tell stories of strange and delightful items falling in love. The spots are all engaging and endearing, and have lovely song choices to match. You can also try out the beautiful, intricate, also completely un-chip-related Web site. (There’s a crazy loading time, mind you.) I really wanted to dislike the campaign because of the utter lack of chips and dip, but the art direction is just so winning. What can I say for myself? Only the heartless feel nothing over the plight of a lonely firesprite.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers