Lawyer’s divorce ads get her into Playboy

Corri You may recall the mini-ruckus created last year by a Chicago law firm whose billboards featured racy images and the line, “Life’s short. Get a divorce.” In most of the media coverage of the ads, the law firm was represented by a partner there named Corri Fetman, who said the campaign was meant to be “lighthearted,” “thought-provoking” and “not boring like law firm advertising is.” It appears Fetman isn’t boring either, as she has parlayed her notoriety into a side gig as Playboy’s official “Lawyer of Love.” She’s writing a legal-advice column for (sample advice: “Anyone who gets married without a prenuptial agreement is a tool”). And yes, she has taken her clothes off for a pictorial. Can your lawyer say that?

—Posted by Tim Nudd