Ladders’ little monster airs some grievances


Fallon has created these enjoyable online extras for job site The Ladders to augment its “Monsters” TV spot. In these “behind-the-scenes interviews,” one of the pint-sized creatures from the ad complains about his giant counterpart’s starring role, plots revenge on the commercial’s director and whines about the misuse of his method-acting skills—all reinforcing the campaign’s premise that “not everyone is ready for the big jobs.” The British accent, I must confess, took me by surprise, particularly since Guilala is a beast of the ’60s Japanese Kaiju variety. At times, he sounds like a cross between Kelsey Grammer and Sir Martin Sorrell. (If you were to cross those two, by the way, you’d get a creature like Guilala—the big one that spits fireballs and generally lays waste. Scary.) Also, posted below: another new Fallon spot for The Ladders, with a safari hunting theme.

—Posted by David Gianatasio