L.A. Angels sued over tote-bag promotion

More stupid news from the world of game-day baseball promotions. An L.A. psychologist named Michael Cohn is suing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, alleging sex and age discrimination, because he didn’t get a tote bag during a Mother’s Day giveaway last year. The bag was given only to women 18 and over; Cohn is arguing that all men over 18 and all fans under 18 were “treated unequally” and deserve $4,000 each in damages. Cohn’s lawyer tries to explain: “By looking at the bag, you can see a 17-year-old male or female would be just as happy with it as an 18-year-old male or female. I don’t know why the Angels … had a seemingly contrived cutoff for this ageless bag.” What’s ageless here is the pettiness. Maybe this is why bobblehead dolls are still so popular.

—Posted by Tim Nudd