L.A. and its country bumpkins

Fair_2It seems the Los Angeles County Fair wants to have it both ways. A hilarious ad campaign last year from Ideaology poked fun at Angelinos and their cluelessness about country life, with kids wondering about the animal origins of cashmere wool and telling their teachers that cows are good for making lattes and iced caramel macchiatos. A radio jingle airing again this year, to the tune of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” promises, “All the breasts on the chickens are real” and “No countin’ carbs or thinkin’ thin/We call our diet the Fat-kins.” At the same time, the fair indulges Angelinos and their cluelessness about country life. In a sponsored supplement to the Los Angeles Times this week, an article headlined “Making the Most of a Fair Visit” had these suggestions: “Take advantage of myriad vendors throughout the Fair who are ready to pamper you into a state of bliss. Treat your feet to an invigorating massage at Footsie-Wootsie stations. … Re-energize with a mini-massage at the Relaxation Stations in Buildings 4, 5 and 7. … Sink into a state of soothing relaxation in a U.S. Jaclean massage chair in Building 5 and a Panasonic massage chair by Unique Healthware. … As a bonus, all of the exhibit buildings are air conditioned. … Relax in the shady floral beauty of the Atrium and the Flower & Garden Pavilion. The colorful flowers and sweet scents of the Treasures of Polynesia tropical exhibits are as soothing as they are inspiring.” The article also recommends “any of the Fair’s upscale restaurants.” Hey, why settle for a corn dog when you can have quiche with your aroma therapy?

—Posted by Gregory Solman