Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Fridge Is a Love Nest in Samsung’s Adorable Animated Short

Will chocolate syrup find the one?

Painfully cute real-life celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard add another painfully cute Samsung spot to their résumés today, as the electronics retailer has recruited the pair to introduce its souped-up Family Hub refrigerator (and its built-in cameras) to the public with a raft of new advertising. 

The campaign begins with the digital short below, by R/GA, which shows the actors unloading groceries into the fancy new fridge, which Samsung unveiled at CES this year. They leave and walk away, but we get a glimpse inside—first through the screen on the outside of the fridge, which shows its contents, and then inside, which is a blissed-out paradise where all the food seems to have paired off in ecstatic love. 

Well, almost all the food. A sad bottle of chocolate syrup seems bereft. Will he find the perfect partner to pour some sugar on? Watch the spot below: 

It's a lovely little film, very nicely constructed—from the animation (by directors Limbert Fabian and Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios, whose ad history includes Chipotle's "The Scarecrow" in 2013) to the plot twist that seamlessly shows off the smartphone integration. There are also other great little details, like the meat pumping iron and doing sit-ups and the half-eaten dessert, which brings to mind the misfit toys from Toy Story. 

The new spot was made by the same R/GA creative team that created Samsung's lovely "Holiday Dreams" commercial from a couple of years ago. 

Bell and Shepard have been doing Samsung ads together, across multiple product categories, since 2014. This new work is their second year in a row of pitching Samsung home appliances, following a 2015 campaign for kitchen, laundry and cleaning products. 

New TV spots will break in a few weeks. Later this year, the couple will return for more ads focused on the Front Load Washer featuring AddWash. 

Client: Samsung Home Appliances
Spot: "Inside the Fridge"

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Vice President, Group Executive Creative Director, Writer: Al Patton
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