Kids say the darndest things in candy spots


Ad agency TBC goes the cute-kids-as-business-execs route in its first work for Haribo's Gold-Bears gummy candy. I was hoping this genre had cashed out after its stultifying appearance last year in ads for Friendly's. But here it is, run up the flagpole once more, with tykes acting out boardroom discussions about the product's colors, texture and flavors. Mirroring the adult white-collar experience, the "team" totally sucks up to the pint-sized CEO, until his mommy interrupts a meeting to remind the kid about "homework time" and completely undermines his authority. If Mark Hurd's mother had been around at Hewlett-Packard, maybe the malfeasant manager would have behaved! Sorry, allegedly malfeasant manager. Luv ya, Hurdy! Second spot after the jump.