Kia’s Hamsters Are Back, and Getting Lucky With Sexy Lady-Hamster Girlfriends

Electric vehicle tests lead to some unsettling experiments

Kia's oddly endearing and enduring hamsters have returned, this time dabbling in experiments that make Weird Science look scientifically responsible by comparison.

The new ad from David&Goliath for the plug-in 2015 Kia Soul EV takes us into a laboratory, where everyone's favorite human-size hamsters are performing tests on the electric vehicle—and, inadvertently, their normal-size pet hamster. The results change the researchers' priorities faster than you can say "hamster balls."

Check it out below, and know that any feelings of discomfort are totally normal. But also know that life can be lonely for terrifyingly huge man-rodents, and they need love, too.

Credits below. Hat tip to our friends at Unruly Media.

Client: Kia Soul

Agency: David&Goliath
Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director/Copywriter: Matthew Curry
Associate Creative Director/Art Director:  Kristian Grove Møller
Copywriter: Courtney Pulver
Art Director: Michael JF Wilson
Executive Producer, Managing Director: Carol Lombard
Executive Producer: Paul Albanese
President: Brian Dunbar
Group Account Director: Brook Dore
Account Director: Adam Blankenship
Account Supervisor: Nancy Ramirez
Executive Director, Head of Planning: Seema Miller
Managing Director Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
Business Affairs Managers: Tony Kim & Camara Price

Production Company:
Director: Colin Jeffery
Executive Producer: Frank Scherma
Producer: Kathy Rhodes
Director of Photography: Toby Irwin;  2nd Unit DP: Greg Baldi
Production Designer: Tom Foden
Wardrobe Stylist: Anette Cseri

Special EFX: Legacy Effects

Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood
Assistant Editor: Erik Jessen
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Joe Ross

Post-Production/VFX: MPC LA
Executive Producer: Asher Edwards
Producer/Deputy Head of Production: Mike Wigart
VFX Supervisors: Andy Boyd (3D Lead), Jake Montgomery (2D Lead)
VFX 3D Team: Ian Wilson, Stew Burris, Corinne Deorsay, Kristen Eggleston, Dameon O'Boyle, JT Lawrence, Huisoo Lee, Aaron Hamman, Charles Trippe, Zach Dimaria, Michael Lori, Roxanne Zuckerman, Danny Garcia, Lee Par, Gizmo Rivera, Jackie Cooper, Jadan Duffin, Brady Doyle
Production Coordinator: Ashley Greyson
Grade: MPC LA
Colorist: Mark Gethin, Ricky Gausis

Music and Sound Design: Hum
Music Editor: Dan Hart
Sound Designer: Dan Hart

Audio Mix: Margarita Mix, Santa Monica
Mixer: Nathan Dubin