Ken Jeong shoots and scores with Pepto ad


In surely the goofiest ad ever set inside the human digestive tract, Pepto-Bismol works hard for the funny in this holiday-party-themed spot starring Ken Jeong doing his trademark whacked-out schtick. "Stomachs are usually hoppin' as a club," he notes, before busting some furious moves. This particular organ, however, is the stomach of an "under-indulger," which makes it "empty and joyless." But the tummy soon fills with meats and treats, prompting Jeong to cut loose with maniacal laugher and a big Oozinator-like Pepto gun. It's unashamedly over-the-top and impossible not to like. And the dance-floor close-up of Jeong's chino-clad crotch is, in true Pepto spirit, most unsettling. What a great screen-saver!