Kelly Preston is not an advertising agency


When Minneapolis ad agency Kerker decided to change its name as part of a rebranding effort, the top brass chose to rename the shop after themselves. One problem: The owner is Chuck Kelly, and the creative chief is Chris Preston. And John Travolta’s wife kind of has a lock on the name Kelly Preston. Undaunted, they moved forward with Preston Kelly. Minneapolis-based blog the daily (ad) biz joked yesterday that Chuck Kelly had to swallow his pride and put his name last for the greater good of the company. “Ego comes second to looking ridiculous,” the blog noted, “at least in this case.” Showing that he’s a man of good humor, Chuck Kelly responded on the agency’s site today by linking to the daily (ad) biz item and saying, “Now you know the real story about how my ego almost caused the agency to be named Kelly Preston.” For the record, the agency execs probably have a better claim to the name than the actress, who was born Kelly Kamalelehua Palzis. Which, come to think of it, would make an awesome name for a new shop.

—Posted by David Griner